Design Build Consultant Cash Referrals

We’d like to give you $100. Maybe even $200. Seriously!

Design Build Consultants referral program is designed to thank those who refer our services to friends, family and colleagues. Our passion is to design beautiful, affordable kitchens and bathrooms that leave homeowners speechless. Our hope is that once they start talking again, they refer us to all of their friends who want to remodel their homes too. After all, that is how neighborhood envy works, right?


Receive cash for your referrals to Design Build Consultants

Design Build Consultants Referral Program

For anyone who refers us, we will thank them with cash. We give:

Yep, we’re that serious about referrals.

How to Refer Friends to Design Build Consultants

To refer your friends, we have several ways! We want to make the distance between you and cash, and us and your friends, as short as possible! To refer your friends:

  • Ask them to contact Jonathan directly at (651) 274-3128.
  • Submit a referral through our Design Build Consultants website! Simply use our contact page and fill in your friend’s information in the lower box.
  • If your friend chooses to contact us directly, MAKE SURE that you ask them to give us your name.

It’s that easy! Thank you again for all of your trusted referrals.


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