Cambria Countertop Colors

One of our favorite steps in remodeling a kitchen is helping the homeowner choose new kitchen countertops. For homeowners who want a natural stone countertop that provides beauty AND safe food preparation, we recommend Cambria products.


Stone Countertops from Cambria are safe for food preparation

About Cambria Countertops

Cambria stone counter tops are stone countertops that offer beautiful designs and colors, durability and no maintenance. In addition, unlike granite countertops, stone countertops are safe for food prep since there are no porous spots where food and bacteria can hide.

The Benefits of using Cambria

Clients of Design Build Consultants who choose Cambria for their kitchen and bathroom countertops find several advantages.

Financing for Kitchen Countertops

We can offer our homeowners up to $45,000 in financing through Cambria when they choose to use stone countertops in the remodeled kitchen.

Fresh line of colors through Cambria

Cambria continues to keep their stone colors fresh and beautiful. Their new line of colors is a collection influenced by “the natural movement of water over stone.” These colors look natural, and add beauty and sophistication to a home. We love to see homeowners install beautiful countertops.

To Use Cambria

To learn more about Cambria or see their new line of colors, visit the Cambria website. You can even request that a sample be sent to your home. If you’re ready to get started with your kitchen remodel, contact us and we’ll provide a design and quote that fits your budget and will create a beautiful kitchen using quality countertop products through Cambria.


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