Why Choose A Design Build Company?

You may have heard about Design-Build, but may still be wondering why to choose a Design-Build company. To put it simply, we make home remodeling a simple and easy process.

For all of those married out there – remember back to your wedding. There are a couple of approaches you can take when planning a wedding:

1- plan the wedding yourself, arrange the vendors, negotiate the prices, come up with the ideas

2- have a wedding planner or wedding coordinator help you plan, come up with ideas, coordinate the details, secure competitive pricing

In the home remodeling world – we work like the wedding planners. We’re involved in remodeling from start to finish, and use our relationships to get the best deals, with the smoothest process.


Design-Build helps plan for a stress-free remodel

How Home Contracting Works

When you work with Design-Build, we assist you through the entire home remodeling process from concept to completion. We help the homeowner with each step of the remodel including, but not limited to:

  • design of the bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel
  • permits for construction
  • budget management
  • billing
  • construction issues
  • choosing materials for the remodel
  • overseeing the construction schedule

Working with a Design-Build company means that all questions or concerns related to any part of the remodel can be directed to us (rather than each individual company and contractor involved along the way.)

Does It Cost More To Use Design-Build?

If you’ve used a travel agent before, you may have been surprised to find that your trip may actually cost you LESS than it would have if you’d arranged it yourself. Each agent has relationships with the travel spots and can easily arrange great deals through the hotel, airlines and rental cars so that your package is one fee, and much cheaper.

The same idea works with us. First, a homeowner doesn’t need to hire an architect AND a separate contractor. Also, many of the Design-Build firms credit the cost of the design process against the project cost. By using our home contractors, we design elegant home remodeling jobs and then use our extensive network to get you the best materials at the best prices.

Design-Build Makes Home Remodeling Simple

In our busy lives, simplicity is the goal for most of us. If you desire to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, consider working with Design-Build to get the outcome you want. We’ll work with you each step of the way to get you a beautiful new kitchen, or new bathroom, that will truly enhance your life with the least amount of stress possible.


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