Hate Your Small Kitchen? Here’s Where to Start When Remodeling.

Want a new kitchen? Not sure where to start? Here are a few of our remodelers’ ideas about where to start when you want to improve your kitchen’s beauty (and ultimately your resale value!)


Make sure to create open spaces and efficiency in a kitchen remodel

1. Improve Storage Space in the Kitchen

When evaluating a kitchen, particularly if you’re attempting to resell, consider how much storage space you have. Storage space doesn’t just mean cabinets either – storage can include shelving, counter tops and above-cabinet space, too. Adding storage will enhance beauty – you’ll have the ability to hide more of your kitchen items and create clean, open space on the counter tops. You’ll also add to the resale value, as kitchens really can’t have “too much storage space.”

2. Create an Open Layout in your Kitchen Remodel

We’ve previously talked about kitchen zones, and how the use of today’s modern kitchen has changed. An open layout for a kitchen will be very important to homeowners who plan to use the kitchen as a hub for household activity. An open layout will be more pleasant and inviting. Kitchens are used for working and socializing these days – on top of eating. Your kitchen may be used for entertaining, homework, television watching or a combination of the above. By creating more open space, you maximize your investment when you redo your kitchen by designing a space just about every family wants.

3. Add Kitchen Efficiency through Kitchen Placement

Can more than one person work in the kitchen at once? Is it easy to prepare meals? Can you easily transfer boiling water to drain in the sink, or even fill a pot with water to boil? All of these factors may improve the functionality of your kitchen. And by making your home more efficient, may improve your resale value. Consider the placement of each appliance, and maximize the space! Think about how efficient your kitchen is, and plan your remodel to get the most out of every cabinet, appliance and square footage of your kitchen.

4. Choose Long-Lasting Materials for your Kitchen

Simply put, better materials will sell when it comes to your kitchen remodel. Everything from what you choose for counter tops, custom cabinets and flooring will matter when it comes to how your kitchen looks – and how much you’ll get back out of it when it’s time to move on. Appliances will also carry a heavy weight, as trusted, well-known brands will be more attractive to home buyers. Better materials won’t only last longer – but will also help sell your place, too.

Those are four tips for helping you get started on your kitchen remodel. Let us know if you need more advice, or have a specific kitchen remodeling project in mind!


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