Power Up the Powder Room

Unless you’re a female needing an emergency makeup check, you may not understand the value of a powder room or half-bath. These smaller bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Although they’re not the “showcases” of a home, and sometimes even tucked away or hidden in a long hallway, these small bathrooms can really add to a home, and give homeowners a great way to express themselves.


Make a statement with your half-bath!

Powder rooms or half-baths are a great place to take chances in bathroom remodeling. If you have ideas that you didn’t want to risk with the larger bathroom remodel, consider trying them in your smaller bathroom. Ideas like creative uses of tile, or a fun wall application, can be “tested” in these smaller rooms. And what we’ve found is that when homeowners step out and make a statement with their half-bath, they try and make sure every guest has a chance to see it.

Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Ready to jump into remodeling the small bathroom? Here are three things to remember as you start planning:

Make the Sink Your Centerpiece. Hide the Toilet.

Because you don’t have as many elements in a small bathroom remodel (no cabinets, tub, shower, etc.) – you have to lay out your bathroom so that it makes sense and is easy to use. Your sink should be the centerpiece – whether it’s part of a vanity or a freestanding piece. Then, place your toilet off to the side, or in an area that’s not visible when the door is ajar. Once you’ve thought through the placement of your sink and toilet, then plan where any other items will go, such as cabinets and mirrors.

Use Cool Materials in your Small Bathroom.

Don’t give your small bathroom a “small bathroom” complex. Use cool materials to dress it up. Because the room is small, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to put in nice features. Consider accenting the sink with a granite or quartz counter top. Bring in unique antique pieces – or modern pieces – depending on your style. Think about using a really cool mirror or side-table to accent the room. Use nice tiles and fixtures. Get a unique toilet. It will be worth it.

Let in Light to your Small Bathroom.

Because these rooms are often tucked away into hallways or small spaces, small bathrooms can lack natural light. When remodeling your small bathroom, consider how to add light. If your bathroom is placed right – and your budget allows – think about installing a window or solar tube. Or – try to add some ceiling lighting. If that’s not an option, make sure you have plenty of wall-mounts that add lighting. To improve the ambiance and light, paint the room with a light and bright color. If your paint color is on the lighter, softer side – your room will look bigger and brighter.
These are just a few ideas for how to amp up that powder room and transform it into a bathroom you love – and want to show off.

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